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Great waves sweeping away sand, the heroes of times past; strive in the sea of business, numerous heroes came out. In the sharp competitive market, there’s such a group of people who are creating and propagandizing beauty and created numerous fables on beauty; there’s such a team which insights the market, grasps the opportunities and develops the legends of fortune. This is Huini International Beauty Mechanism.

Huini International Beauty Mechanism, as the famous enterprise in the Chinese cosmetics industry, is developing fast in the Chinese and even the world beauty field with steady steps, and Huini staffs are striving with the decision and confidence of developing century brand with the life career of creating and propagandizing beauty.

Profound accumulation, store up energy:
As the multinational International Beauty Mechanism, after over 28 years of development, Huini has achieved outstanding corporate strength and market force. Since 1989 as the beauty salon, Huini has never stopped the advancing step, with constant effort, currently Huini has developed into the big multinational beauty mechanism, and has set up Huini Hong Kong Co., Ltd., Huini Thailand Co., Ltd., Huini Australia Co., Ltd. and Huini America Co., Ltd. With stable organization structure, multiple brand mode, complete product varieties and world wide marketing network, Huini is the “carrier of beauty care” which keeps advancing with steady steps no matter how the market changes.

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Avenis is a new generation natural plants skin care brand focusing on fashion and advocating nature. In 2004, Avenis Fruit Nanometer series launched into the market and aroused the new fashion of skin care with fruits; in 2009, Avenis Organic Plant Skin Care series launched into the market, and the “Cosmetics Lead, Hg and Hormone Free Eco-Friendly Engineering” all around China, and will arouse the new storm on beauty for the second time.